Block play. Why it’s important and what it’s valuable for.

Let your children play with blocks! So many skills can be developed when children play with blocks and even more so when you make the time to play with them. First of all, just making the time to play with your child builds relationship and make them feel valued and important. Remember when you play with your child never tell them how to do something but rather guide them. The best way to do that is by asking open-ended questions, for example: What do you think will happen when you put this big block on the top of your tower? Or “What are you making” “How did you do that?” etc. In this way, you get your child to use his/her own words to describe their process. In doing so, you will encourage cognitive and creative thinking as well as develop their language skills. During play, you can also introduce new words such as “stack, topple, sequence, pattern” etc. In this way it also allows children to understand what the word means in real-life.

Playing with building blocks also provides a valuable opportunity to introduce children to certain maths concepts. When playing together with your child you can help your child to discover and understand concepts such as; colour, size, shape and different positions of the blocks, by commenting or asking questions. Questions such as; “let’s count together how many blocks you have used in your tower! “Can you build the same tower as mine?”, “What colour is the block on top of your tower?” “What happens when you put a small block on the bottom of your tower?” “Can you build a tower with triangle blocks?” develops cognitive skills, and creative thinking and helps children learn to understand what they are experiencing.

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